The Beatles
Lion of Zion -Bob Marley
Jimmy Hendrix
Niki Lauda
John Lennon
" Charlie the Drummer"
Black Star -David Bowie
Young Keef
Bentley versus the Blue Train, 1930
Michael Philip Jagger Acrylic on canvas 24 x 60cm
Salvator Mundi
Lady in Black Coat 1943
Enzo and Achille - Scuderia Ferrari 1934
Jesus Christ - After the Ascension - Parousia. "
Caspar -drawing
Daughter and Grandson
James Hunt
Nelson with Lady Hamilton
Monet in his Garden
Absinthe Drinkers - Café at Night-     acrylic-  508x610mm
The Ladies of Leonardo-  acrylic-   508x610mm
Artist and Model-    acrylic-    457x610mm
Looking towards Bendish-   acrylic -     457x508mm
480BC-Leonidas leads the 300 from Sparta-  acrylic - 610 x 610mm
Belle Signore-        acrylic-       508x610mm
Girl with the Cheap Sunglasses[at Hotel California]-  acrylic-   566x433mm
Fading Rainbow North Norfolk Coast-  acrylic-    305x406mm ( box canvas )
.Sunset North Norfolk Coast-  acrylic-    305x406mm[box canvas]
. Spirit of Titanic enters New York Harbour-   acrylic-   483x406mm
.Ayrton Senna  -acrylic-       508x406mm
.Dockers-acrylic-      457x406mm
Kilimanjaro Storm Brewing-acrylic-  254x483mm
Keef and Mick-acrylic-305x432mm
.Keef     -acrylic-     457x381mm
Mick -acrylic-305x483mm
.John    -acrylic-   305x432mm
.Protecting the Herd-acrylic - 406x787mm
.HRHs      -acrylic-   483x356mm
World Championship Number 2-acrylic-  406x305mm
Last Lap Monaco 1992-acrylic-229x584mm
Fangio leads Collins-1956 British GP -acrylic-     406x279mm
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